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UgoCert offers the following services:

Local organic certification
(based on the Uganda Organic Standard)

The three major benefits of local organic certification are:

1. Contribute to growing the local organic market through improving recognition of organics (organic mark) and developing trust in organics among consumers and producers (certification process).

2. Facilitate producers and operators to advance towards achieving international organic certification by meeting the quality control system, documentation and the conversion period requirements at the lowest cost possible.

3. Improvement of the management of the production process (if one follows the standards and is certified)

International organic certification

UgoCert is currently works in cooperation with CERES, a renowned international organic certifier to provide international certification.

The benefits of our role in international organic certification are:

  • Accessing of international organic niche markets in Europe, North America, Japan, Switzerland, etc. at substantially lower costs.
  • Worldwide recognition of Uganda in the world of organics


Organic Production

International Organic Accreditation Service

International Federation of Agricultre Movements

Organic Fisheries